By Elena Whitehead

How to pack your perfect wine-filled picnic

Summer is here (sort of…), which makes it the perfect time to find your picnic blanket, load a couple cans of wine into the picnic basket and go enjoy the sun. Cans of wine are the perfect addition to any picnic - lightweight, compact and easily chill-able, having quality wine on your picnic has never been easier, check out this blog to find out more about why our cans are perfect for picnics. However, Picnic food is not always so simple, what do you bring? If you’re out of winery picnic ideas, and you’re not sure what food to bring to pair with your wines perfectly, then check out this blog for a couple ideas of great picnic food and wine pairings!

Fiano pairing

Many enjoy a vibrant and refreshing white wine whilst on a picnic, and our Fiano fits the profile perfectly. Bright flavours of lychee and apple flavours with fresh blossom aromas also create a perfect wine to sip in the sun. the refreshing nature of the wine means pastries go perfectly with the Fiano, leading us to a British picnic classic, the sausage roll. The hearty sausage balances perfectly with the zestier flavours of the Fiano, whilst the buttery pastry flavours are brought out by the refreshing feel of the wine. What’s a picnic without sausage rolls anyway? We can also recommend a chicken mayo baguette or Caesar salad, a refreshing white wine makes the perfect companion for creamy flavours and chicken dishes.

Rosato Pairing

Rosé and summer always go hand-in-hand and our fruity Rosato makes a popular choice during the sunny months. Pairing food with Rosato is not always easy, but lucky for you one of our highly recommended Rosato pairings is perfect to bring on a picnic, burrata. This Italian duo will have you forgetting whether your in a UK park or an Italian hillside. In fact, our Rosato is actually quite versatile when it comes to cheese pairings thanks to the complex blend of grapes it features, making cheese and crackers perfect to bring along on your picnic if you’ve got a couple cans of our Rosato in your basket.

Negroamaro Pairing

You may think a hearty red is out of place in a picnic, but have you ever tried a sunset picnic before? If the sun isn’t shining as brightly as we’d hope (which looks likely this summer) but your still in the mood for a summery picnic, then trust us, a sunset picnic is just the thing. Bring a couple extra blankets and pack a silky smooth red, like our Negroamaro, to sip whilst watching the sky light up with shades of orange and red. The perfect food to match your sunset picnic vibe? Cured meats and grapes. Slices of salami or streaks of parma ham stand up to the flavours of the Negroamaro perfectly, with juicy grapes being the perfect refresher in between bites and sips. Not to mention, the pictures will be great, we can already see the not for the cellar, for the sunset, pictures in our dreams… and our dms @coppercrewwines.