About Us

The Copper Crew was founded by two friends, Oli and Theo, who wanted more from their wine. Too often they opened a bottle of wine when they only wanted a glass. They thought there must be a better way to enjoy wine - one that allowed freshness, quality and sustainability.

Now with the help and expertise of Canned Wine Co., The Copper Crew are introducing an exciting new range of wines from Puglia, a region with a rich history of great food and wine. We share a vision for a better way to enjoy wine – with a focus on freshness, quality and sustainability.


We joined Canned Wine Co. sharing a vision of disrupting the wine industry and offering a more sustainable way to enjoy quality wines. 

Canned Wine Co.'s Sustainability Roadmap outlines our joint approach to sustainability, progress so far and presents the goals the team is working towards. With the purpose of elevating thoughtful connections between people, planet and place, through wine, the impact strategy is structured around those three pillars. 

People: Culture / Nurturing Talent / Diversity Inclusion & Empowerment / Community Engagement / Customers
Planet: Climate Action / Resource Efficiency
Place: Responsible Sourcing / Traceability