By Elena Whitehead

Why our cans make for perfect picnic wine

Spring is upon us and the Sun is starting to shine, which means picnic season is here! We all know a refreshing tipple is an essential component of a good picnic, and now bringing one with you has never been easier. Ever brought a nice bottle of wine to your park only to realise you forgot your bottle opener? Or maybe you’ve suffered the pain of having to lug around a heavy glass bottle of wine or Pimm's. Well the Copper Crew is here to fix your picnic wine woes.


The first benefit of taking our cans to your picnic is that they are a lot lighter than a bottle. The average bottle of wine weighs around 1.2kg, which can feel very heavy on a hot day, especially if you have other food and more than one bottle to carry. Our cans on the other hand weigh roughly 200 grams, meaning you can carry the same amount of wine for half the weight! Not to mention, any cans you don’t open can always be taken back home, whilst any wine from a bottle not finished could go to waste. The other benefit of our cans being lightweight is that they are easy to crush and take home to recycle if there’s nowhere to do so in the park, remember to always clean up after yourself!


Not only do our cans take up less room than a bottle, they also take out the need for those pesky plastic wine glasses. Our wine tastes great straight out the can, and we know how precious space is when it comes to picnics, so save yourself some room for an extra sandwich or a slice of cake by bringing a couple of cans instead of bottles and glasses. Our small 187ml cans will easily fit into almost any picnic bag or basket you desire, which can’t be said for all other drinks.


Finally, and potentially most importantly, they taste great in the sun! Our wines come from the sunny South of Italy, meaning they are right at home under the sun. The refreshing Rosato and vibrant Fiano would make for especially pleasant sipping on warmer days. We also know there’s nothing worse than having to drink warm wine, but that problem can be easily solved by keeping the cans in the fridge before leaving and throwing in an ice pack to keep the cans cool. With bright zesty and floral flavours coming through from the Fiano, and summer fruit and cherry flavours from the Rosato. And the best part… you can mix and match, maybe even throw in a can of Negroamaro, extremely suitable for a sunset picnic!