The Crew in Puglia

Join the crew as we jump into Puglia, Italy's best-kept secret! Golden beaches longer than you could imagine, whitewashed villages that seem to be from fairytales, mixed into the rolling hills that go on for as far as the eye can see.

Located in the South-East of Italy and known for its rich winemaking and cultural history, a perfect location for our winemakers over at the well established Tenuta Viglione winery. The hundred year old winery takes great care in working in harmony with the land in order to produce clean, well-balanced wines which represent the very best of the region. Sustainability has never tasted so good!

  • Looking onto the Adriatic

    Puglia has the longest coastline of any Italian mainland region. As the heel of Italy's 'boot', it has almost 800km of views of crystal clear waters of the Adriatic and Ionian coasts!

  • The Trulli of Alberobello

    The 14th century approach to dodging property tax? Simply disassemble your house!

    Trulli are mortarless limestone constructions unique to Puglia. The town of Alberobello, home to many of these conical roof buildings, became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996. 

  • Olive oil and orecchiette

    The heel of Italy's boot is a culinary paradise. Puglia is responsible for 50% of Italy’s olive oil production, and is the birth place of orecchiette. The "little ears" of pasta that cradle sauces like a nonna holds her grandchild.

  • Winemaking

    Sunny and dry, Puglia has a long history of winemaking and a terroir that is expressed in wines giving rich aromas and flavours. Puglian wines have a strong character and distinctive identity - something we wanted to share with The Copper Crew.

  • Fiano

    Puglia is an ideal region to grow Fiano - there’s plenty of sunshine which gives the wine packs of fruit flavour. Fresh and bright, we recommend having some traditional focaccia alongside a glass of this white wine.
  • Rosato

    Our Rosato is Primitivo-led, one of the most popular grapes in the region. The name means “first to ripen” because the grapes ripen early than others in the vineyards. It gives our rosé the colour and aromas of black cherry - and goes great with burrata!
  • Negroamaro

    The grape loves heat and the vines produce lots of fruit in hot, dry years, making it the perfect choice for growers in the sunny Puglia region. You’ll get a mix of cherry, black plum, blackberries and natural spice over earthy tones.