By Canned Wine Co.

Meet Negroamaro – the grape behind our red wine

Negroamaro, pronounced ‘neg-row-ah-mah-roe’, and is native to southern Italy, mainly in Puglia – the heel to Italy’s boot. The name in Latin is a combination of ‘negro’, meaning black, and ‘amaro’, meaning bitter, after the grape’s distinctive earthy bittersweetness. The grape loves heat and the vines produce lots of fruit in hot, dry years, making it the perfect choice for growers in the sunny Puglia region. 

The grape is said to have reached its home in Puglia from ancient Greece, via modern-day Albania. Today it is most celebrated around its growing area of Salento, a picturesque region of Italy well worth a visit! 

What does Negroamaro taste like? 

Negroamaro is a bit of a wonder grape. It is full and satisfying but it doesn’t often fall into a jammy or overly alcoholic style. You’ll get a mix of cherry, black plum, blackberries and natural spice over earthy tones. The colour is deep with a ruby sparkle at the lip.  

What should I drink it with? 

As Negroamaro balances savoury notes with the deeply fruit character and has a certain note of freshness compared with wines like Primitivo, it balances out with food really well. Our favourite picks to pair with Negroamaro are BBQ’d food, especially red meats or pulled pork with a sticky sauce. It will also go well with a charred skewer of Mediterranean veg and halloumi.  

Comfort food is also a great shout with this kind of wine, think about pasta bake, lasagne or lamb tagine. The wine is also FAB with baked aubergine, matching the soft bittersweet flesh so well. If you want to stay truly authentic, you can try our assassin's spaghetti recipe, a famous Puglian dish and pairing for the Negroamaro.

How does the Crew’s Negroamaro compare? 

Our Negroamaro is classic in style. Deeply coloured with a ruby hue and flecks of violet colour, it’s rich, velvety and full on the palate but fresh to finish. It’s packed with black plums, wild berries and notes of chocolate. An easy-to-love wine we’re incredibly proud to share. 

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