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Organic Fiano

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Fiano tasting notes: white blossom, apple, lychee

12.5% | 187ml | Puglia, Italy

85% Fiano, Verdeca, Falaghina, Moscato.

Our Fiano is fresh and bright, harvested from Puglia (the heel of Italy’s boot) where there’s plenty of sunshine and giving the wine packs of fruit flavour. This is harnessed in the winery through a cooler steel tank fermentation and rested before we pop it into the cans. Our Fiano is fruity, almost tropical, and moreish; it leads with blossom aromas and has apple and tropical lychee flavour.  

Organic and Vegan friendly


The crew's view

"A glass of the Fiano with a bowl of olives...my idea of heaven!" - Isabella

"One sip of this and i'm transported to a sunny terrace" - Elena 


Try it with ... vine tomato focaccia. 

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